After years of work as a freelance musician, it was time to start looking for my musical essence. My home island of Langeoog, which never really let me down, seemed to me the right place for this search. That’s why I went to the island in winter 2012 to compose something new.

Hardly arrived on the island I found myself at minus fourteen degrees in a winter dream landscape.

While the musical ideas developed very quickly, inspired by the remarkable atmosphere of the frozen island, the finishing and recording of the compositions for my album ‘Nachtstücke’ became a process that has dragged on for years. Time and again interrupted by other important projects or events in my life that made me unable to continue my work on the album.

In addition to ten original compositions the song ‘Lili Marleen’ is the only cover on the album. Lale Andersen the singer of the original lived not far from my parents’ home on Langeoog. I grew up with this song and really wanted to record it with Annette de Rozario.  We used my old piano on the island which has not been tuned since I left 30 years ago.

foto Djenna Wallace

Looking back to the finished music I really have the feeling that I was able to find the musical essence that I was looking for. Captured in the sound of the acoustic piano.
I can say that this album has become an ode to Langeoog. Which was not my intention but just happened.

If you are interested in buying a CD please send me a mail using the contact form below and I will send you a copy (10 Euro ex shipping)